Searching for business partners

We offer effective ways of establishing business contacts in the East. We will help you find a business partner in Russia according to the terms specified by you (e.g. from the appropriate branch, for commercial cooperation on a permanent basis, in selected regions, with good financial standing, with own distribution network etc.).

We match business partners and help to establish cooperation between companies by:
• connecting commercial partners;
• searching for the companies interested in cooperation;
• searching out investors, producers, suppliers, buyers and contractors;
• acquiring appropriate contracts to the customer’s order;
• helping importing goods from Russia and exporting them from Poland.

We will draw up a trade offer for the Russian market and establish contacts with potential partners. We gather information about the terms of cooperation with them (payments, dates of delivery, transport etc.). On the basis of analysis of the obtained data and comparing the opportunities of cooperation, we present the most favourable options and solutions which will be helpful when taking strategic decisions.

1. We will provide you with the information about the prices on the goods and services specified by you from selected region of Russia, along with the contact data of the companies you are interested in.

2. We will provide you with the contact data and description of the activity of those Russian companies which met the requirements. The information about the companies is obtained personally, on the basis of direct contacts with these entities. In this way we guarantee the credibility of the data provided by us.

3. At customer’s request we draw up offers of cooperation and send them to the potential partners. We can also represent you in the negotiations with them, bringing to signing the appropriate agreement.

Providing the above mentioned services the CBC ‘Poland – Russia’ acts as a coordinator not as an intermediary in trade transactions between companies.