Other services for business

Apart from the above mentioned offer we additionally propose other services which entrepreneurs might need when doing business on the Russian market.

I. Professional translations for business

Russian entrepreneurs prefer the information about the products and trade offers which is understandable and does not need to be translated. We do both translating and interpreting from Polish into Russian and from Russian into Polish. Nowadays there are many various translation offers on the market. Our asset is the fact that we guarantee that the order will be fulfilled on the highest level. It is achieved by means of the following rules:

1. Translations from Polish into Russian are done by people who speak Russian as a native language, whereas the Russian – Polish translations are done by people who speak Polish as a native language.

2. All translators in our team have a wide experience in doing various translations including the specialist ones (technical, legal, economic, translations of websites etc.). For example, translation of technical descriptions cannot be done in an inaccurate way due to the fact that every word matters and even a minor mistake can distort the whole text. It is not enough to know the language in order to do good translations. It is also necessary to be knowledgeable about the branch the translated text is from because the differences between individual languages, particularly in technical translations, are frequently quite big. The actual meaning of a particular word can in some cases considerably differ from the one in dictionaries. In other words, the appropriate equivalent of an individual term in another language does not necessarily have to be its direct translation in the grammar sense. For this reason, the knowledge of the vocabulary of the relevant branch by the translator is indispensable. It is very important when translating product descriptions. However, when it is done by a linguist who is not knowledgeable about the subject, then as a consequence the translation is grammatically correct but there are numerous mistakes in its content. There is plenty of examples of such translations.

3. We carefully check and edit the translated texts.

We offer the following specialist translations:
• interpreting during the negotiations;
• trade offers and pricelists;
• marketing and advertising texts;
• websites;
• current correspondence;
• technical;
• legal;
• economic;
• other.

II. Searching for companies to assist the activity on the Russian market

In the activity of every enterprise there are some aspects which are indispensable so that it could function effectively. A company might need book-keeping, new employees, a website, advertising, printing catalogues, certifying the documents by the notary public etc. Unfortunately, we are not able to solve all these problems but we can help in deciding about them.

On customer’s request we can provide the information about Russian:
• accounting companies;
• headhunting agencies;
• the companies designing websites and placing them onto the Russian Internet;
• advertising agencies;
• printing houses;
• notary’s offices;
• other organizations and institutions which the customers are interested in.

We present data on the above mentioned entities in the selected regions (cities) of Russia. On your request we can represent you when negotiating the cooperation conditions with these entities.