Marketing research and market analyses

Nowadays the foreign trade is undergoing continuous changes. It is possible, however, to determine some tendencies that dominate on the market. The basis of an effectively run business is to have a wide range of accurate data, which enable the company to plan its actions on the market appropriately. Therefore, we offer you the up-to-date data analysis of the economic situation in individual branches, which constitute the object of interest.

We provide the information necessary for the planned activity on the Russian market. We gather information about new markets, contractors and the opportunities of cooperation with new suppliers or purchasers of goods and services. It is essential when starting and extending business as well as conquering new markets.

Our research aims to confirm and consolidate knowledge and the information, which is necessary when making strategic decisions. We carry out market, sector or branch research by preparing data which will make it possible to evaluate the attractiveness of the market and the planned investment.

We offer:
• branch analyses;
• market research;
• monitoring of the market and the actions of the competitors;
• subject-related monitoring (e.g. collecting and reporting press information about a particular company, branch etc.).