Economic intelligence

We specialize in obtaining information for business. We seek and process the economic, commercial and financial information. We will get and verify the information and contacts in Russia that you are interested in. We offer:
• search for new suppliers of goods and services;
• obtaining information about new markets and buyers;
• search for potential contractors;
• verification of the information gathered by the customer.

We can also present the information about the current commercial offer of each of the companies, about price lists of the offered goods and services as well as about the conditions of cooperation and other important issues (e.g. commercial credibility).

Safe business requires accurate and authentic information about contractors. Economic intelligence is particularly recommended to the commercial companies which are about to start cooperation with the potential partner. It is worth making sure of the fact whether the given entity is reliable. Economic intelligence is also very helpful for investors and is an important source of information about the immediate competitors. We draw up reports on Russian companies, which you are cooperating or are going to cooperate with.

We will provide you with information about the indicated entities on the Russian market, including:
• comprehensive data about the company and its owners;
• personnel and members of the Management Board;
• the capital connections;
• the history of the activity and the up-to-date position of the company;
• the licenses, certificates, permissions and patents held by the company;
• the contractors (suppliers and buyers) and partners of the company;
• the international connections;
• the financial standing and the actual assets of the company;
• legal and financial conflicts on the domestic and foreign market;
• liabilities on the market, credits, the amount of company’s debt, court cases;
• the offer of products;
• the marketing activities of the company;
• the position on the market;
• other information on request.

Financial data and indicatory analysis characterizing the financial standing of the company can be attached to each report.