Bases of companies (partners) interested in cooperation

We prepare business data bases of potential partners: suppliers, buyers, collaborators etc. Marketing data bases help to analyze the information about potential customers in order to learn better their needs and adjust the offer to them. Data bases allow to optimize the marketing activities targeted at the potential customers. The more we know about them, the better we can adjust our offer to their needs. If we select the offer in a precise way, we have greater chances to achieve market success.

Database marketing allows to plan exceptional marketing strategies targeted at narrow groups or even individual entities. In this way we can save much money designed for advertising campaigns. What is more, the database marketing is much more effective than usual ways of promotion. By disposing of such a tool we are able to reach the selected buyers. There may be few of them but they will be truly interested in our offer. Unlike the general actions, the ones targeted at the specific groups and particular entities, that is the personalization of the offer, have already proved to be effective. If we know that out of 1000 branch companies only 50, constituting a small segment in the branch, can be interested in our offer, is there any point losing the time and money by making phone calls and sending commercial offers to all 1000 of them? Much cheaper and more effective will be activities targeted to this group of 50 enterprises providing that we are able to specify and appropriately draw up commercial offer for them.

We offer data bases specifically tailored for the needs of particular customers. The data bases prepared by us constitute the list of the contact and economic information about selected entities. From the very beginning each data base is created according to the requirements of our customer and includes contacts to potential suppliers, collaborators and customers in Russia. We give a one hundred percent guarantee that the data bases prepared by us are up-to-date. The data are verified by us and the information comes from reliable and checked sources so that the customer could get the product which complies with his requirements.

We can provide the information about:
• producers, distributors, warehouses, chains, retailers, shops;
• exporters and importers;
• companies ‘business-to-business’;
• potential suppliers and buyers of goods and services for the client;
• companies from selected branches, regions having particular parameters (position on the market, sales, financial standing, revenues, turnover etc.).

Depending on customer’s needs the data base can include the following information about the market participants:
• names;
• addresses;
• contact phones, e-mails and addresses of websites;
• contact people and their functions;
• brief characteristic of each company and its status (producer, exporter, importer, distributor, dealer, representative, warehouse, chain, retailer, final receiver);
• buying goods and services by the companies;
• prices at which they buy particular goods and services;
• prices of goods and services which are to be placed on offer;
• the volume of sales of particular goods and services by individual companies;
• market share;
• full data about the owners;
• the history of company’s operations;
• financial standing;
• profits and revenues;
• turnover;
• legal and financial conflicts on the domestic and foreign market;
• liabilities on the market;
• other information on request.