About the Project

The Centre for Business Cooperation ‘Poland – Russia’ is a joint undertaking of European and Russian entrepreneurs established in order to promote positive development of relations between the European Union and Russia, the inherent element of which is to increase the mutual economic exchange.

The main objective of the CBC ‘Poland – Russia’ is to develop contacts between European and Russian business communities, namely:
• to expand business contacts between European and Russian entrepreneurs;
• to promote European business in Russia and Russian business in the European Union;
• to increase exchange of information about the markets of both countries.

In order to achieve the above mentioned objectives the following steps are taken by the Centre:
• assisting European businessmen in the search for business partners in Russia, and Russian businessmen in the search for business partners in the European Union;
• providing the interested entrepreneurs with competent legal advice within the scope of doing business in Russia;
• preparing own analytical materials;
• doing marketing research of the situation on the markets of particular goods and services;
• organizing trips of European entrepreneurs to Russia and of Russian entrepreneurs to the European Union in order to become acquainted with the situation in the relevant country as well as assisting in negotiations;
• assisting companies and private persons in expanding joint European – Russian projects;
• taking part in organization of conferences, business forums, branch exhibitions, fairs and presentations, informing the interested entities of these events and assisting those who want to take part in them;
• on the basis of the agreement representing European and Russian entrepreneurs and defending their dealings in a different country.

The offer of the CBC ‘Poland – Russia’ has been prepared with the view of the needs of European entrepreneurs doing business in Russia. The idea to establish such a Centre appeared in the circle of European businessmen engaged in economic activity in the East. We specialize in servicing foreign entities on the territory of Russia. We take the responsibility for all the procedures connected with legal services for companies and natural persons as well as obtaining necessary permissions. We ensure professional counselling and assistance for Western enterprises entering the Russian market. For the convenience of our customers we have set up the branch office in Poland. Now you can obtain professional advice regarding operating on the Russian market and ask questions referring to the provided services on the spot and in Polish.

Only we offer the complex service on all stages to the entities doing business or interested in business cooperation with Russia: ranging from regulating legal aspects of importing goods from Russia or establishing a company or a branch office there; through searching for a business partner on the spot and negotiating with him; to signing an agreement, which can be also drawn up with our assistance.

The CBC ‘Poland – Russia’ acts as a coordinator not as an intermediary in trade transactions between companies.

Many foreign entrepreneurs have already become convinced that it is possible to make profits by investing and doing business in Russia. We invite you to contact us.